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"Japanese chin - a little miracle of the endless universe, which we owe to the marvelous in its industriousness and the love to everything living nation of Country of the Rising Sun." These words of the famous diplomat Uri Zinin, who worked in Japan for many years, will stay in my memory for a long time.

    Japanese chin is a sacred dog in Japan. Originally it was only intended for the members of the Emperor's family and for living only in churches and palaces. Touching of the Japanese Chin by the outsiders was considered a crime punished by death. Even now Chin is considered a national treasure: they can leave the country only as gifts to particularly outstanding persons, and otherwise the export is forbidden.
    With a character of a small lion, the size of a cat, and curiosity of a monkey, the Chin also possesses the elegance of a flower from the Emperor's garden and the grace of a butterfly. Chins are also very aware of their uniqueness. They think highly about themselves, and their "lion-like" personality makes them condescending.
    The Russian diplomats got very lucky, when the Japanese politician and businessman Kodzi Ihatana gave Uri Zinin Japanese Chin puppies are a present. That's how chins with pure Japanese lines found themselves in Moscow.
    Сurrently this breed is getting more popular and known in Russia. It will never be mass-market - there are only 2-3 puppies in a litter and they are not sold just to anybody, especially the puppies with elite breeding lines.
    The stars were smiling on me too, as the base of our kennel, founded in 1991, was created by the children of the "pure Japanese". They are a gorgeous Japanese chin female Jamato Jamaguti and a spectacular and very accomplished male Aiken Getin Sakuratera.

    Jamato Jamaguti is 14years old now. She is still a very lively and happy dog with lots of self-respect. The foreign breeders gave her the nickname of "Russian Tsaritsa." She is the most accomplished Japanese chin in Russia, with the titles of Interchampion, World Winner, Champion of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Estonia, Russia and Nordic Countries. At the Championship of Japanese Breeds in Paris, held by the Japanese Kennel Union, she was the best female. She has the perfect Japanese type, well known to the breeders around the world and much appreciated by the experts, including those from Japan. She has passed her type on to her children and grandchildren.
    Аiken Getin Sakuratera is also very famous. He was the first of Japanese Chins from Russia to win the titles of World Winner, Interchampion, Champion of Russia, Estonia, Finland, RKF and National Kennel Club. At the World Championship in Finland he got BOB by the Japanese judge. Of course, this wasn't by accident, as the pure Japanese lines carry the special type of Japanese Chin, so valued at the motherland of the breed, which has absorbed the peculiarities of the national character, the ancient culture of the nation and everything the Japanese believe beautiful. Aiken Getin is not only beautiful himself, but also passes on these unique characteristics to his descendents. "Superstar" they say about his famous son (and grandson of Jamato Jamaguti) black-and-white male Hin Satori Zyu Hi.
    The glorious show career of Zyu Hi ("sun worrier" in Japanese) started in December of 2001, when at the International Dog Show in St. Petersburg, at the Best of Puppies of All Breeds he got the second place. When he turned 15 months and 4 days old (finally - intermediate class!) at the International Dog Show "White Nights" he got his first CACIB and BOB. A week after, at the World Championship in Amsterdam junior Zyu Hi became the Junior World Champion. After comparing the winners of each class, the expert from Japan Hirosi Kamisato decided him to be the Best Male, and after comparing with the best female - a US champion - he gave Zyu Hi BOB and the title of Champion of Holland.
    The next stage of his career was the European Championship in Paris. Despite the tough competition, Zyu Hi became the European Champion and CACIB. The expert from Finland M. Lethinen noted "the very Japanese features" of the "Russian" chin, his graceful movement and ideal exterior.
    It is well know that National Specialty Dog shows are very prestigious, because they gather a large number of high class dogs (usually over 50), and the breeders can compare their achievements. Zyu Hi participated in specialties - "Japanese Chin 2002 , 2003, and always won the title of "Champion of the National Club" and BOB...
    It is also important to note the victory at the largest international show in Finland in Helsinki on December 2002. From 53 dogs, the expert from Japan Tomio Fudgihata gave BOB, CACIB and Champion of Finland to our Zyu Hi, specifically noting the perfect exterior and such desired for a chin "the amazed look" on his face.
    The beginning of 2003 was marked by receiving the newly appointed title of "Grand Champion". After that Zyu Hi came to the biggest show in Russia, "Euroasia 2003" accomplished and famous. There he got BOB and CACIB from the Spanish judge Havier Sanchez.
    I travel a lot to the shows both in Russia and abroad and have seen a lot of Japanese chins. It seems like the Japanese were trying to create a dog much like themselves. Looking closer at a Japanese chin, you can see a Japanese ink drawing with the picture of samurai worrier. Open chest, small hips, gliding movements. Decorative collar of long fur, falling down on to the shoulders. Long "skirt" behind - just like the Japanese kimono. Long hair on the ears, wide straight in the middle of the head - just like the shaved forehead and flying hair of the samurai during the fight. The movements of the Chin are flowing and determined. Nothing extra, no noise, no hassle.
    Тhat's how the Chin is in real life - a very comfortable companion dog, ideally combining many wonderful qualities. He is never aggressive, mean or annoying. He tries to cause minimum inconvenience and no problems. He's easy to take care of: no expensive appliances or grooming products are required. It is enough to brush a Chin at least once a week, and the dog will look great. So if you are a busy person, and like to sleep in on the weekend, then the Japanese chin is in ideal dog for you. He doesn't require any special efforts during the week and can sleep till lunch on the weekends.
    We have several chins at home. Of course, each of them has his own personality and habits but they are united in the way their energy is channeled towards humans. On the one hand, they acknowledge the man as the "leader of the pack," and on the other - hold themselves equal to him.
    The Chin, of course, assumes respect and worship of himself, as of royalty or a god. At the same time, he considers it "below his royal highness" to participate in small arguments. So "the highnesses" tolerates us as we are…
    The ancient Japanese claimed that petting a chin on the white fur normalizes the energy of the person. Therefore, in everyday life, the little Japanese miracle is also a living medicine for his owners. He is very loyal and sensitive. It's easy to take him traveling or on a visit. The sign "no dogs allowed" doesn't extend on chins. They are allowed almost everywhere. I guess that's one of the reasons why this breed is becoming more popular both Russia and abroad.
    We have always tried to maintain great contacts with the prominent kennels in Europe and the U.S. to be constantly up-to-day on the chin affairs. This cooperation led to us using the elite Swedish, Finish, Danish and American breeding lines. Combined with the pure Japanese ones, this unique breeding material allowed us to get the dogs of the highest quality, with great personalities and health. The top marks by the judges are the testimony to that.
    During the existence of the Hin Satori Kennel, we brought up three World Winners, two European Champions, two Junior European Champions,eleven Interchampions, six Champions of USA, 26 Champions of Russia, 10 Champions of Estonia, six Champions of Finland, and also champions of Latvia, Poland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Nordic Countries, RKF, National Club, etc. Our dogs earned multiple BOB, BIG and BIS.
    At the European Championship in Pozdnan, the judge from Poland (!) Mr. Jakubovski gave the title of the European Champion to our female - Hin Satori Laitionna - for her grace and harmony of the exterior. At the World Championship in Dortmund, our young male Hin Satori Yahoo won the Junior World Champion title.
    It can take a long time to count all the titles. But the most important thing is that the level of breeding of Japanese Chin in our kennel got to the point when it became necessary for the foreign breeders to take us into account and include us in their breeding work. Of course, every country has its own type of Japanese chin, which fits into the standard. And of course, I don't take into consideration obviously poorly bred chins. But even among the standard chins it's important to keep in mind the type considered perfect in Japan. I was lucky to discuss the "model" chin with two judges from Japan - Mr. Kamisato in Amsterdam and with Mr. Fudjihata in Helsinki. They both think that chin should be completely decorative: light, elegant, with round, very short morsel. The "amazed" expression of the face is very important. The eyes should be round, set far apart and looking slightly outward. It's not just the Asian exotics, but the important mission of these dogs is to take the tension off the man. Often, a direct gaze is considered a sign of danger or attack and causes caution and tension.
    Тhis is how a Chin is supposed to be - once bringing joy to the emperors; it lives now next to us, this amazing miracle, the mirror of the soul of its owner, the reflection of our inner world.


Elena Shevchenko     FCI - Judge
The owner of the kennel 'HIN SATORI' Japanese chin
tel.  +7 812 5108552  (Russia)
mobil tel.  +7 921 979 45 71  (Russia)

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